Month: May 2018

Subject to Change – 5

A leader builds trust in one of four ways—relationship, success, unblemished integrity, or personal transformation. Let’s consider each of these, discover how they build a foundation for change, and identify how much change each will allow a pastor to achieve before the ice beneath his feet begins to crack. First, trust is built through relationship. This used

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Subject to Change – 4

Few things in life actually move at the speed we want them to. Most of us would speed up traffic, unless you’re that little old man in the farm truck that’s raising his bony fist at any who are crazy enough to drive more than 45 miles per hour. Generally, we would like for meetings

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Subject to Change – 3

“Pastor doesn’t care about us…he’s only interested in new people…” “Those people have no concern for others…they just want everything to be the way they like it….” “Pastor’s just trying to make a name for himself so some bigger church will call him and pay him more money…” “No wonder the last pastor left. These

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