Month: January 2016

What is Worship? Part 9

So, after two months of blogging about worship, what is it that we conclude? Clearly, there’s more to worship than a 20-minute music set on Sunday mornings. And even that unique part of our week must be held to a standard of focus beyond mere enthusiasm or even sincere expression. Worship, throughout both testaments and

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What is Worship? – Part 8

How’s your memory? If you’re like most of us, your capacity to remember things seems to diminish over time. It’s almost as if the hard drive is full and a few bytes have to be erased if any new data can be taken in. It’s sad and frustrating to think that when we reach a

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What is Worship – Part 7

No discussion of true worship can occur without a clear focus on giving and serving. These two expressions–twin demonstrations of a real connection with God–are at the heart of what worship is all about. In fact, one could argue that giving and serving are the principle means of proving relationship with God, much more than mere

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