Month: August 2016

An Important Look Into Your Church’s Culture – Part 6

In the challenge of helping your congregation adopt some new values, you have to accept that preaching new thinking seldom can be a sufficient strategy on its own. We’ve been considering the path forward, especially for struggling churches, and usually the congregation’s values need some adjustment. Of course, we’re not speaking of the values that

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An Important Look Into Your Church’s Culture – Part 5

Values are the building blocks of culture. In the local church, what we value (or prioritize) ultimately determines our effectiveness even more than great visions and plans. The best ideas will ultimately either be driven by or succumb to your values. As someone has wisely observed, “Culture eats vision for lunch.” In a struggling local

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An Important Look into Your Church’s Culture – Part 4

In our last blog in this series, we talked about finding a few specific targets that could potentially be within reach of your congregation. Now, before we unveil the next step, it’s important to verify that we’ve chosen targets that matter. If we were more friendly would that make a difference? If we truly began to love

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