Nearly every time I find my seat on an airplane, the question “What do you do for a living?” is waiting for me. Like you, I think I’ve been asked that a thousand times. My answer is quite simple, “I help churches.”

As an avid reader and a long-time pastor and denominational leader, I’ve spent a lot of time studying the church. So most weekends I’m on another flight headed somewhere in the U.S. to meet with pastors and their church leadership teams as together we figure out how to find the road to health for their local churches.

In December 2010, I became Senior Director of the Healthy Church Network where I lead a national team of church consultants who answer that question the same way when they board a flight. This blog is to provide help for those we haven’t met yet or additional encouragement for those we have.

Not everything in this blog will be about church life. In fact, most of this will leadership challenges and issues in a variety of arenas. After all, everything rises and falls on leadership. The way to a better organization is to build a stronger, more effective leader. I hope this blog can help do that.

So thanks for stopping in. I hope you find something on my blog that will help you in your own leadership journey.

Mike Clarensau

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