Month: October 2015

Metrics That Matter – 8

Before we put a final bow on this series of blogs where we’ve reviewed some of the better church health metrics, there one that’s likely the easiest to calculate, but the most challenging to improve–the church’s adult average age calculation 8. Average age – Adults How young is our congregation? Now, this question has many

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Metrics That Matter – 7

Times have changed. Cultures have shifted. The landscape of just about every community has experienced some level of ethnicity change. America’s melting pot has become more of a hearty stew, with various chunks of population bringing extraordinary, and sometimes overpowering flavor, to a single city block. In many places, the dream to be an American

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Metrics That Matter – 6

Why don’t more people get involved in ministry at church? That’s a question that has confounded virtually every local church pastor at some point. Indeed, the challenge of “raising up” workers nearly always tops the list of stressors that weigh most heavily on a pastor’s shoulders. Of course, the local church is somewhat unique among organizations

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