Month: February 2019

Unnoticed? Join the club–It’s a good one! Part 3

1. Distinctive Assignment Imagine you’re the master in this story; making plans for your trip and the bags of gold you’ve accumulated. How will you manage such responsibilities? Whom do you trust with what assignments? This isn’t hard to understand, is it? We leave a list of chores for the kids or make assignments to

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Unnoticed? Join the Club–It’s a good one! Part 2

Sociologists have sold a few books discussing the plight of middle children, haven’t they? Apparently they live in the breeding ground for the overlooked. My wife and I are both oldest children, and we only brought two sons into the world, so we haven’t needed much of this literature, but I’ve read enough to feel

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Unnoticed? Join the Club–It’s a good one! Part 1

One of my favorite Bible characters is one of those guys most people don’t pay much attention to. His name was Eutychus, and he was a kid who excelled at going unnoticed in a room. During one of the Apostle Paul’s particularly long sermons, Eutychus went over and sat on the window ledge, probably hoping

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