Month: March 2016

Defining Moments in Church History… (3)

The second of our eight key moments in Church history took place in A.D. 313 amidst the governmental hierarchy of the Roman Empire. At this time, the divided empire was ruled by Constantine in the West and Licinius in the East. During these warless years, according to historical accounts, it was Constantine that called for a meeting

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Defining Moments in Church History… (2)

For the student of the New Testament Church, few moments are more poignant and pivotal than Peter’s journey to Cornelius’ house and ultimately to the Jerusalem Council. The story begins in Acts 10 and spans the next five chapters, and is the first of our eight most defining moments in the history of the Church.

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Defining Moments in Church History… (1)

As we approach the 2,000 birthday of the Church–the people through whom God has made himself known since the time of Christ–it’s not hard to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of events, critical moments, and remarkable saints that comprise the story. There’s a reason most church history textbooks comprise two fat volumes that dominate

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