What is Worship? Part 9

So, after two months of blogging about worship, what is it that we conclude?

Clearly, there’s more to worship than a 20-minute music set on Sunday mornings. And even that unique part of our week must be held to a standard of focus beyond mere enthusiasm or even sincere expression. Worship, throughout both testaments and the history that has followed, has always required the whole man (woman too). Worship means everything, demands everything, and changes everything.

As we have seen, there have always been five priorities in worship–relationship with God, relationship with one another, rest (or ceasing self-dependence), giving/sharing, and remembering/praising. If we think we’ve engaged worship of our God without journeying through these foci, we have only participated in a self-styled effort–not one that follows the directives of the One we claim to worship. No, in such cases, worship is just our thing, and apparently we expect God to adjust His expectations.

That’s not okay…at least not for the true worshipper.

When we consider our list of five priorities, we see worship as it is meant to be, an effort that engages every part of our lives. Only when worship focuses on relationship with Him through an ongoing, daily pursuit of His direction, could it ever be pleasing to God. Only when worship draws us toward one another in love and motivates us to heal our conflicts and restore our friendships, could it ever hit the right mark. Only when our worship demonstrates our dependence on God could we ever truly be proclaiming His greatness and sufficiency. Only when we let go of our possessions and commit them to His giving heart can we say that we know Him. Only when we lay ourselves down in selfless service can we imagine that we are truly following a Divine Servant. Only when we celebrate the great things He has done for us and around us can we claim to truly know Him.

It’s a demanding package, a life consuming path that doesn’t achieve connection with God, but proves that we have one. Worship is…everything, and it takes a lot more than a few minutes on Sunday to fulfill its true expression. In fact, it’s going to take all week!

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