Building Your Team – Part 3

As we consider the best approaches to building your team, there’s one idea that will make all the difference for you and your ministry. If you’re going to have a healthy, successful ministry team, you must learn to recruit ahead of need.

You see, too many pastors find themselves searching for the “right” person within minutes of learning that they just lost the most recent “right” person from their team. After all, why worry about recruiting when all the necessary positions are filled on your team. You don’t need anybody then, do you? After all, a leaky roof doesn’t leak until it rains!

But then a resignation, a sudden transfer, or an unexpected illness throws you and your team into chaos. Turns out that no one was waiting in the wings. So now, we have an empty slot and must begin the process of trying to identify potential replacements.

Imagine if you had been building your team all along and had someone ready to step into the sudden hole in your team. It can happen, but you must be intentional.

First, stop recruiting to positions and start recruiting to team. Let your values drive your team building. In other words, begin teaching people the values or priorities of your ministry heart and start including them in team functions. Get them on the road to becoming what you will need so you’ll be that much closer when you need them.

When you recruit for position, you let the needs of the ministry role define your direction. But when you recruit to values, you find yourself looking for people who seem to be growing the right heart and then all you must do is help them learn the tasks that are needed.

Heart trumps talent every day of the week!

If you can help shape someone’s heart for ministry, you’ll find it very easy to help them learn how to do what needs to be done. But if you’re recruiting based on ability, growing a ministry heart in even the most talented folks can take a lot of time.

So widen your idea of team beyond the number of positions you currently have in active ministry. If you keep waiting for resignations before you start recruiting a new team member, you destine yourself to one stressful week after another.

Instead, build a group of people who share your passion and heart for ministry and you’ll always have such folks just waiting for their moment to step in.

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